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Do it your way! Together we can ensure Captain Tom's legacy lives on.



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Inspiring hope where it's needed most.

Captain Tom 100 - Get involved

Captain Tom 100 – Everyone's invited

All you need to do is dream up a challenge based around the number 100, and do it between Friday 30 April and Monday 3 May.

You could walk 100 laps of your garden just like Captain Tom, swim 100 lengths or sing for 100 minutes. There are no rules (apart from Government guidelines on the roadmap out of lockdown) and it's open to everyone. Do it your way and have fun!

Captain Tom 100 - Swim

Download the fact sheet

Check out the Captain Tom 100 fact sheet and find out everything you need to know about the campaign, the idea behind the Captain Tom 100, and how you can help to ensure Captain Tom's legacy lives on.

Join in and do it your way anytime this very special bank holiday weekend.

Captain Tom 100 - Download the fact sheet

Share your 100 and inspire hope!


Whether you're juggling for 100 seconds, building 100 sandcastles or climbing 100 steps, we'd love to see it.

Help inspire the nation by sharing pictures or videos of your 100 on social media, using the hashtag #CaptainTom100

Captain Tom 100 - Be part of it
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