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Getting your page out there

Simple ways to ensure your supporters land in right place in one click

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Deeplinks are designed to make your supporters’ lives easier, landing them where they need to be or filling in the boxes for them.

From creating fundraising pages to setting up monthly donations, our deeplink generator covers it.


Your charity’s story is unique and you deserve links to match.

Fill in the relevant boxes, choose a button and we’ll generate the HTML code for you to add to your website.

No time to tinker with HTML? No worries. Click on 'View link only' to take the URL instead.

You can email this to your supporters and to go the extra mile, you can even 'hyperlink' the URL. Take the link, highlight any text in a Word document and right click to hyperlink. Paste the URL and hit 'Okay'.

Be creative

Celebrate your 50th anniversary in style with an appeal asking for £50 donations. Add your charity ID and type the desired value in the box. Sounds simple? That’s because it is.

Group your marathon fundraisers into a campaign. Take the event ID and campaign ID from your charity account and we'll create a link that ties your fundraisers to both.

Judge your audience and set up customised monthly donation links. Select 'Monthly', add a value then you're all set. From £3 a month to £30, make it convenient to donate.

Spread the word

Make sure the whole world knows where they can support you.

We've designed buttons and banners to brighten up your email signature. Download the complete set, pick your favourite and add it the customised link.

You can hyperlink these too, like above, and point people towards your latest campaign.

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