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How to use custom codes to segment and organise your fundraisers

Account Manager Emma Rose explains how

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Want to understand your fundraisers better and get smarter with your reporting? Account Manager Emma Rose explains how you can use custom codes to organise your fundraisers.

What are custom codes?

Custom coding enables you to add a unique reference or identifier to your Fundraisers (people) Fundraising pages, Events and Campaigns on Virgin Money Giving, to either match your own database/CRM system, or to simply link particular pages or people ‘behind the scenes’ within reporting to manage your fundraising more efficiently.

How can you set them up?

Very easily! Within your charity portal, in the menu to the left, for your fundraiser and fundraising pages , just click on ‘Fundraiser/Page reporting codes’ and to code your events ‘Event reporting codes’.

When you code your events and select the ‘copy’ box, the codes will automatically pull through to any pages that are joined to these events. This means you won’t need to go in and code their pages individually or manually.

Who can set them up?

All account users with the access of ‘Reporting- create reports & allocate codes’. You can very easily update access if you need to.

What can you use them for?

As above, a lot of charities want to allocate codes on VMG to match their own database. You may have unique references for your fundraisers and the activities that they are taking part in, you might want to code pages to assign them a particular region, or fund within your charity. You can assign 5 codes for each fundraiser, page and event.

If you aren’t a charity that generally codes, you may want to sue them as a way of linking pages – for example; a number of pages as part of a corporate fundraiser, or a group of pages that are all fundraising for a particular project.

How can I see them in reporting?

Any codes that you add are automatically uploaded into charity reports overnight.

Any tips for using them?

If as a charity you do code, it’s good practice to keep it as a regular activity to keep on top of it. It’s all done by date, so to do it daily, or weekly, it won’t build up and become a big task.

Also, if you code the fundraising activity/event, definitely do this by coding the event overall, rather than manually having to code each page individually. To code the Event, you must join or create the event first. Code as part of this process so you don’t miss any pages in an interim period.

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