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Making the switch from old reporting

Three ways you can get ready to make the switch

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From September we’ll start removing access to old reporting, and you’ll need to use reporting going forwards. We’ll be making changes to reporting before then to give you the data insights you need, and we’ll be adding new features and reports over the summer.

Here’s a few of the new features we’ll be adding:

Before then, there’s a few things you can do to get ready to switch.

Do some housekeeping

We’ll be moving over your old templates to reporting, so have a look over your current report templates. Delete any you no longer need, or rename the ones you use to make them easier to identify.

Check who has access

Have a look over the charity users on your account. Delete any old team members so they can no longer log into your charity account, or add new ones to make sure the right people have the access they need.

Get going easily

Use our templating tool to get access to the data you’re interested in. Choose and filter the data items to get the insights you need. If you haven’t already taken a look, here’s some of your favourite reports and the report you need to recreate them in reporting.

Old reportingDescriptionReporting
Donations: Direct donationsOne off and regular donations made to your charityDonations
Payments: Payments donationsBreakdown of the donations paid to your charityPayments
Fundraising pages: New fundraising pagesProvides details on pages created during the period selectedFundraising
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