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Reigate Parish Church School PTA: our Februstory fundraising challenge

How to fundraise at your school with a readathon

Looking for ideas for your next campaign? Hear from Helen Starmer, Event Coordinator for Reigate Parish Church School PTA on their Februstory readathon challenge. Watch the video above.

Mrs Frances Davis, Headteacher, said:

"We have found using the Virgin Money Campaign a really simple and well-structured way to generate income for our school. It has been a useful method to promote reading at home and families have appreciated the soft approach to donate money with no added pressure. They have enjoyed being able to see what/where their money is going towards, feeling they have done 'their bit' to contribute to exciting projects or vital equipment their children will benefit from in school.

As a school we have been very impressed with the ease of use and we have raised money quicker than ever before. We also like the fact that a percentage of monies raised automatically goes to charity. During the pandemic we have found this the safest way to raise money, which is an added bonus. Overall we are very impressed and will continue using Virgin Money Giving as a way to generate income for our school. We would be more than happy to recommend to other schools, sharing our positive experiences."

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