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Ready-to-go content for The 40th Race

Here’s a list of all the great Marathon related articles from our ‘Fundraising Hub’ to share with this year 2020 Virtual London Marathon.

Here’s a list of all the great Marathon related articles from our ‘Fundraising Hub’ to share with this year 2020 Virtual London Marathon.

Copy the url of the articles that you want to share and paste them in all social media and email activity you do between now and race day.

How to avoid virtual event calamity

Key points to help you sidestep the pitfalls of internet-based fundraising

How to fundraise without leaving the house

Fantastic ideas to raise funds and awareness for charity from home

The breakfast of champions

What to eat marathon morning

Your downloadable quiz night fundraiser

Running a quiz night for charity? Here’s our ready-made questions and answer sheets

A nutritionist’s guide to marathon training

What to eat when training for a marathon

Virgin Money London Marathon Leaderboard

See our top fundraisers and find others supporting the same cause as you

How to make your Virgin Money Giving page brilliant

Great ideas to engage your supporters and increase fundraising

How to set up your Virgin Money Giving page

Five easy steps to creating your fundraising page

How to invigorate your fundraising campaign

Top tips on how to engage donors

How to use Instagram to boost your fundraising

Use photos to help tell your story

Why sleep is an important part of marathon training

Insight into the power of sleep in the run-up to a marathon

How to prepare before a marathon

Advice for runners a month before race day

Fundraising on the go with Siri

Find out your fundraising total at any time

The psychology of giving - and how fundraisers can learn from it

Creating that warm glow could help you raise more

Gift Aid: whats stopping you ticking that box

Tick the box and make the world of difference

How to use social media with fundraising to enhance your campaign

Social media can quickly boost your fundraising efforts

Boost your fundraising with unwanted items - without leaving the house

Partnering with Ziffit and how to donate + FAQ's

How to host a socially distanced fundraising event

How can you hold fundraising events while keeping yourself and those around you safe?

Fundraising Apps - the top 5 best fundraising apps

Give your donations a boost with these apps

Personal emails might be the spark you need

We all like a little love in our in box

Helen the Cheesecake Runner's fabulous fundraising ideas workshop

Fundraising ideas to get you ready for your next challenge

How to promote your fundraising - expert fundraising tips on how to get your efforts noticed

Press release, blogs, image, human interest story for press, social media

Why you should be asking for donations in person

Take the time to have a one on one conversation

Explore all our fundraising content

Don’t forget, the ‘Fundraising Hub’ is packed to the rafters with articles that will help all types of fundraising activity and now includes some great ideas on virtual fundraising events. Tell your supporters to check out the hub for all the fundraising needs.

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